Field Report: Day 27, “Get Dusty”

Filed Report, Day 27, 9/14/2013

[12:00pm BWW]

We began the day by enjoying frosty beverages at Buffalo Wild WIngs for the Michigan VS Akron football game. Michigan had a sub par performance, but our drinking efforts helped the D hold Akron’s offense to no points on their final drive of the game. [Great job team].

[4:07pm BWW]

A floosy at the bar gives us coordinates to a party being held later that evening. She’s a  cute, sporty girl that likes to party; we will see her later.

[5:00pm Base]

Smoke, drink, jam.

[7:38pm Base]

Shit, shower, shave, and commence pregamming. The men are in a wild state tonight; “Runaround Sue” and “Get Lucky” are on repeat and everyone’s hair looks immaculate. We polished off a case and then bought deucers of Milwaukee’s Best Ice, The Beast. Thumper is hesitant to leave base.

[10:17pm, Party]

The party appears solid, so we move into action. We quickly divided ourselves into teams of two for beer pong and field reporting. Team Pink Panty Droppers dominated the beer pong tourny with ease then proceeded to join the rest of the team on the dance floor.

[12:34am Party]

The dance floor is poppin’ with babes and the way they shake makes the entire team hungry. Flow slams the rest of his Beast  and proceeds to the parking lot with Fratboy for fresh air. The fresh air makes Flow puke, so Fratboy  suggests the two drop a fat dag  before they head back in.

Meanwhile, back inside the party Pinball continues to cut rugs. His shoes are now off  and all of the black people in the party have surrounded him to see what he’s got. He twerks, twists and shakes his way to a stunning performance. Fratboy, Flow, and Buck walk in and see the end of the show and watch in awe as Pinball struts over with a smile and a woman on each arm; The Floosy and friend.


The women dig us and call their friends to meet us at base; this pleases the team and our spirits are at a high for the day.

[1:10 am Base]

All of Floozy’s friends are 7’s and higher, 21 and up and the Mad Men move in. We smoke and the girls point out the guitars. Jam time; they don’t stand a chance. Fratboy goes outside to piss and he vomits something disturbing, but he shakes it off because the field report hasn’t been closed. Governing dynamics is put into affect and Big Buck heads up stairs with his night’s taking.

[2:03am Base]

The women have heard enough music to make their hearts stop and pants wet, so Flow and Pinball head to their respective quarters with The Floosy and a friend for after parties. Thumper takes his chocolate princess into The Fortress for sexy time and the Fratboy smashes out on the couch.

Field Report: Successful for all members

Signed: Flow

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